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The USFA Education Grant and Tuition Assistance

In 2018 The Utah Steel Fabricators Association (USFA) is providing 5 grants of $2,000 each from the USFA Education Grant Fund. Contributions are from part of the membership dues that are collected to help strengthen the educational core in Utah's steel industry. This money is then distributed to applicants who are chosen to receive the funds based on their applications. The funds will be awarded to those institutions or individuals who successfully demonstrate the need and ability to utilize financial assistance in the field of steel fabrication in increments of $2000. The purpose of this fund is to help programs and individuals progress in the field of fabrication where otherwise advancement might be difficult.


  1. The applicant may either be a program director or faculty member at an accredited vocational school or college
  2. The applicant may also be a student who has been accepted and is enrolled at an accredited vocational program
  3. The applicant must complete and submit the application to Adam Lux (alux@jrgalv.com) the Director of the USFA Educational Grant Program


  • Applications due: October 1st  annually
  • Decisions declared: November 1st annually
  • Funds transferred via check: December 1st annually

Basis of Selection

  1. USFA will select the recipients that project a long term contribution to the local Fabrication Market
  2. USFA desires to assist those programs and individuals that have an earnest desire to progress in the field of steel fabrication.
  3. USFA hopes to provide opportunities to any of the various areas of the industry such as drafting, welding, layout & Engineering.

Use of Funds

USFA considers the appropriate use of the funds to be towards any application that will provide training and opportunities to further education that otherwise would not exist. 

Properly used funds would include but would not be limited to;

  • Tuition assistance
  • Lab fees
  • Text books
  • Welding Consumables
  • Software Licensing
  • Durable welding equipment

Improperly used funds would include but would not be limited to:
  • Group meals, luncheons or Travel Expenses

USFA Education Grant and Tuition Assistance Application

The USFA Education Grant at work....


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