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The Utah Steel Fabrication Association is governed by a board of experienced businessmen from all aspects of the steel industry, who are committed in their service to improve the steel fabrication industry, here in Utah.  USFA members are comprised of steel distributors, steel processors, ferrous and non-ferrous steel fabricators, and providers of many products and services related to metal fabrication.

Utah's Steel Industry is comprised of a large number of steel-fabrication-related businesses.  While Utah's steel industry is one of growth, in relation to national steel-based construction, an actual indicator of the steel industry's growth is that the majority of steel fabricators are presently operating at production capacity or greater.  Companies are consistently looking to fill skilled positions at all levels of expertise, including skilled fitters and welders, as well as engineering-related positions.

The Utah steel industry is unique because of its strategic geographic location.  It serves many types of industries, including: Agricultural, Chemical, Commercial, Electronics, Mining, Oil & Gas Production, Pharmaceuticals, Utility & Power Generation, Material Handling and Distribution.

The Utah Steel Industry is a strong and established community of technically experienced and professional companies, led by progressive individuals, whose influence extends-both nationally and internationally-beyond its geographic boundaries.  Steel fabricators and related businesses have a continuing and growing need for individuals to become part of Utah's steel industry and grow within our market segment.


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